Due to COVID-19 the centre requires the addition of Greeters and Screeners to process parents and children before the child(ren) can be admitted into care each day.

Please review the Arrival and Departure section for the process that is being adopted by CCCCG - here: Arrivals

Campus Co-op will have one greeter and three screeners (depending on the time of day) and they will be set up just inside the double doors at a table. 





Jenn, RECE


My name is Jennifer Farrow and I have had the pleasure of working at Campus Co-op for almost a year now. I have made great relationships with the children parents and staff that I have come into contact with during this time! A little about me -  I have been a RECE for 10 years after graduating from Mohawk College in 2010, and have loved every minute of being with children, watching, learning, and helping them grow. On my spare time I play the Ukulele, bike, dance, and have been singing in choirs, ever since I was a child. I love to garden; being outside in general. I am a very family oriented person as well as easy going, and I value having strong bonds and relationships with people. I believe in living every moment to its fullest . 

Please don’t hesitate to come by and say hello, I would love to meet and speak with you!

“Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden!”


Zabrina, RECE


Hello! I’m Zabrina and I am an RECE in the Infant room. I graduated from Conestoga College in 2019 and started working at the centre in April. From a very young age I have discovered my love for working with children. I feel very happy and content being part of their lives. I am dedicated to the social and emotional development of every child and I would ensure that they receive all the care and love they deserve. Seeing children doing new things and experience their world is truly what I love to observe from them. I enjoy engaging in play, interacting and reading with the children. I also love when they teach me new things they can do! 









Hello! My name is Carolyn Boily, but at work I go by “Lyn”. I attended the University of Guelph, graduating in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Child, Youth and Family studies, as well as my ECE. Having watched my mother work in the school system growing up, I discovered very early on that I wanted to work with children as well. I have been working and volunteering in child and family settings ever since high school, including schools, Early Years centres, Girl Guides and various theatre / Renaissance Festival events. I started as a supply staff at CCCCG in 2017, and now spend half my day as a screener, and the other half in our Toddler Blue Room. I love reading, dramatic play and look forward to helping each child develop resiliency skills and their own, unique, sense of self!