Program Contact Details

Each program room has a direct telephone line that parents are welcome to call.  Please be aware that if staff are engaged with the children they may not be able to answer. The needs of the children come first! You can also call the Supervisor at the main office or the Director’s office and leave messages to be passed on to the staff.

Infant Room 519-826-4245
Toddler Rooms 519-826-4241
Preschool One Room 519-826-4242
Preschool Two Room 519-826-4243
Senior Preschool 519-826-6644

Internal Communication

Each family has a mailbox in the front entry organized by program area. Invoices, newsletters, etc. will be delivered there - parents should check often. 

There are also Staff and Board mailboxes in which to leave general messages for any members of the staff or board. Individual mailboxes for board and staff members are located in the porch through the Director’s or Supervisor’s offices.