Fundraising Program

Our goal for 2019-2020 is to raise $4,000 in order to improve our outdoor playgrounds.


The centre is looking for volunteers for our fundraising committee.  We are looking for anyone who is interested in running a fundraiser, helping out in general, or able to help with the silent auction - included going to businesses, friends/family, or making calls for us.  If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Committee, please email Melissa Belzer.

2019-2020 Fundraising Plan



Centre Photos
 May 2019
Fundscrip Gift Cards
 May 2019
Mabel's Labels
Family Photos
 October 2019
Silent Auction
 November 2019
Fundscrip Gift Card
November 2019


Current Fundraisers


Sessions occur in May and and pictures are taken by: Anderson Coates Photography

Once date set - If you are interested, please sign up on the forms outside your child's program and ensure that payment is received in the office prior to photo day.



FundScrip is an innovative program that lets you earn cash rebates for your organization based on things you buy everyday like groceries, gas, clothing, entertainment, and other household items.

All you have to do is pay for some or all of your purchases using pre paid GIFT CARDS bought at face value from FundScrip participating retailers and a percentage of every gift card purchased  (up to 15%) is contributed to your group’s fundraising efforts.

The gift cards (like cash in a card) come preloaded and are available in various denominations. As you use the cards, the value of the purchase is automatically deducted from the value stored on the card.  If you don’t use the entire amount, the balance remains on the card and can be used for future purchases. 

A complete list of the gift cards can be found on the following May Order Form (to come soon). You can order your cards on that form. There are also special promotions  for May!  Please submit your hard copy order form to the Centre along with your cheque (made payable to: Campus Child Care Cooperative of Guelph) by noon on Friday, May 12th.  Orders will be ready for pick up on Thursday, May 18th.

We encourage everyone to invite their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbours to participate in FundScrip as well.

MABEL'S LABELS: Looking for labels for your child's clothing, water bottles, bags? Our Mabel's Labels fundraiser is always ongoing.  For more information about CCCCG's fundraising through Mabel's Label's, take a look at the flyer. Otherwise, you can order directly through the Mabel's Label's website.


Once again we will be having a Family Photo Session coming up Saturday, October 5th at Royal City Park. Vanessa Cadamuro from Memories By Vanessa will be running our Fall Family Photo session fundraiser for families of CCCCG. Please follow the link provided to reserve a booking for that day. All the information is included on the site. (i.e. pricing, location, time slots, etc).

Physical prints ordered will be mailed to the participants. Gallery links will be provided to those who participated to view their images. Online galleries are active for 30 days only. Orders must be made prior to the gallery expiration date and will not be accepted after. The center will receive 50% commission of all orders.

The link below will provide more information and how to sign up.  

Fundraiser ideas

Here is a brief listing of our ongoing fundraising - if you have any suggestions on fundraising ideas please contact Melissa (email above).



The auction usually runs in November.

Parent canhelp us meet our goals in one of the following ways:

  • Donate new items (e.g., toys, clothing, etc.) These should be delivered to Dori’s office prior to the auction beginning.

  • Donate your services. Perhaps you have a special talent that other parents would value. For
    example, you might be an accomplished chef willing to deliver a ‘Dinner for Two’ to the highest
    bidder’s home, a great painter, or a gardener. Your imagination is the limit!!!

  • Identify a local business or individual that might be interested in donating services or
    merchandise to a good cause. Tax receipts are available for all donations from businesses
    (and cash donations from individuals). Either contact them yourself or forward your suggestion
    to Dori Cross at 519-826- 6927 or

Participate in the auction itself by purchasing an item/service listed.