Parent Involvement

Parent Testimonial – "CCCCG is a community approach to childcare involving parents and staff. A stimulating, nurturing yet consistent environment is provided to help your child develop. The quality of care gives you peace of mind."

Parent participation is a cornerstone of the co-operative spirit at the Centre. As a part-time or full-time member, each family is asked to get involved in various ways in the operation of the Centre. Being a co-op member means that the parent body has a strong role and say in the happenings of the Centre. As such, families attend parent meetings, get involved through volunteering or donating, or help with fundraising activities. The purpose of parent participation is two-fold:

  1. to enhance the Centre for the benefit of the children and
  2. to contribute to the sense of community among parents, staff and children.

Parents are no longer required to complete four hours of mandatory time as part of the Centre's co-op requirements.