Security - Highlights and Expectations

SecurityThe Centre has a computerized security system that allows only staff and parents with a coded key to gain entry to the building.  Any other person must ring the bell and will be greeted by a staff member.  We ask for parent co-operation in maintaining a secure environment by being aware of anyone who enters the building with them.

There are security cameras facing the parking lot and front door that are monitored by security for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food complex.  In addition, the Centre also has its own security system to guard against intruders after hours.

Parents must notify the staff, in person, in writing, or by calling into the office, if someone other than themselves will be picking up their child.  All other persons, even those listed on the "pick-up authorization”, will be asked to produce picture identification before any child will be permitted to leave. Staff will not allow a child to leave the Centre unless these precautions have been taken.