Meals & Snacks

The Centre takes great pride in the food and drink we serve our children.  Sam - The Centre's ChefFollowing Canada's Food Guide, Betul, our Centre Chef, has developed a meal plan covering lunch, morning and afternoon snacks that will make you salivate!

Our spring/summer 2023 menu consists of:

Our fall/winter 2023/2024 menu consists of:

Our menu is reviewed twice a year by a dietician at Public Health. 

The Centre is a nut free facility.  Due to enrolled children that have severe allergies (the following is our Anaphylaxis policy), the Centre enforces a no outside food policy. The exception is when a child has special dietary requirements and is not able to eat what is on our menu. In this case, parents are asked to arrange (with the chef or program staff) to bring food with a complete ingredient list.

A special Birthday cupcake is prepared in our kitchen to celebrate a child's Birthday and is given at his/her afternoon snack.