Clothing, Diapers & Toys

Parents are asked to ensure that an extra set of clothing is available for their child each day. Creative experiences, outdoor play, and mealtimes can all result in the need for a change of clothing. Extra pants, shirts, underwear, and socks should be kept in the child's cubby. For outside play provide a sweater, splash pants, snow pants, mittens, and a hat, as weather dictates. If in doubt, provide it all and we will dress your child accordingly. And remember: label, label, label!!! The Centre receives a portion of profits for parents that use Mabel's Labels, so talk to the Centre's Supervisor for more information. 

To help keep the Centre clean and dry, each child should have a pair of indoor and outdoor footwear. Slippers, sandals or shoes are welcome for inside. For outside play shoes, rain boots or winter boots are recommended. We discourage the use of sandals outside as the children can trip more easily.

There is storage space in the classrooms for bags of diapers, creams and change pads. If a child is low on diapers, creams, etc. a note will be placed on their cubby indicating it is time to stock up. As we are not permitted to rinse or launder dirty or soiled clothing due to Ministry regulations, such items will be bagged and placed in the child's cubby to be taken home and laundered.

Parents are welcome to leave a special sleep toy and/or blanket in a child's cubby for sleep time. At times children may bring a toy from home to ease with transition and to share with others. Please note that staff are not responsible for missing toys. The Centre does not permit offensive or violent toys at any time.