Inclement Weather / Snow Day Procedures

Closure prior to the opening of the Centre

If inclement or severe weather occurs prior to the opening of the Centre, the Snow Day Committee will make a collective decision based on the specific criteria outlined below. Once a decision has been made to close the Centre, staff will proceed to follow the staff tree to inform all staff members of the closure. Management will also update the 'news and updates' section on the homepage, and change the voice messages at the Centre.  Closure announcements will also be made on the local radio station Magic FM 106.1 as soon as possible. The responsibility lies with parents to check the website, call the Centre for updates, or listen to the local radio station.

Closure of the centre during normal operating hours

If the Centre is open and weather conditions quickly deteriorate, the staff and management will ask parents to wait at the Centre until we can ensure that proper ratios are in effect prior to the parents leaving. Management will continue to monitor and assess the conditions and take into account the safety of staff and families in returning home. In the event that Management determines that the Centre must close during normal hours of operation, parents will be called and required to pick up their children as soon as possible.

Please be aware that if the Centre is closed or should close prior to regular closing hours, there will be no reimbursement or credit of childcare fees.

Criteria Used to Determine a Closure

  • The Upper Grand District School Board is closed
  • City of Guelph buses are not in operation
  • Staff are unable to make a safe drive to work
  • No power or water at the Centre

Important Numbers to Consult

  • Director’s Office – 519-826-6927
  • Main Office – 519-822-1280
  • Radio Station 106.1 Magic FM – 519-824-7000

Weather - Outside Play

We are required by the Child Care and Early Years Act to have two outdoor play times - morning and afternoon.  The exceptions to this are for infants and severe weather events. The infants are outside at least once a day and possibly a second depending on their schedules.  If a child is not able to participate in outside play due to illness, he/she should not attend child care.

Winter Cut-off (including wind chill)

We do not go outside when:

Outside Play

Colder than -14°C. Teachers will use their discretion to assess the conditions of sidewalks and road. Wind gusts should not exceed 40 km/hour.


Colder than -20°C.  Temperatures between -15°C and -20°C.  Teachers will use their discretion regarding the length of time outside, wind gusts, sunshine and how the children are coping.


Colder than -20°C. Temperatures between -18 and -20°C. Teachers will use their discretion with the same criteria as the Toddler group.

Summer Cut-off (including humidex)

InfantsSummer Side Yard

Hotter than +28°C. However, if the temperature readings are between +25°C and +28°C teachers will use their discretion (seek shade, offer water, water play and limit time outdoors).  

Older Groups

Hotter than +35°C. During the hotter months we ask parents to ensure their child has water ready to go outside with them. However, if the temperature readings are between +32°C and +35°C, teachers will use their discretion (limit time outdoors, seek shade, offer water and water play, squirt bottles, etc.).

We also exercise caution when the air quality is poor. All children will remain indoors when the air quality index is 50. * Children will not go outside when wind gusts exceed 65 km/hour as posted for our local area.

 The use of sunscreen is encouraged throughout the year as the weather dictates.  Parents are asked to apply sunscreen to their child in the morning and the teachers will reapply it in the afternoon (as long as the parent has signed a permission form in the classroom). A bottle of sunscreen can be labeled and kept at the Centre. Please check the expiry dates on the sunscreen.