Risk Factors

  • Exposure to a Confirmed or Probable Case of COVID-19 or Any International Travel in the past
    14 days prior to symptoms

Probable Case of COVID-19

  • A person (who has not had a laboratory test) with symptoms compatible with COVID-19


  • Traveled to an affected area (including inside of Canada) in the 14 days prior to symptom onset; OR
  • Close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19; OR
  • Lived in or worked in a facility known to be experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19


  • A person with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 AND in whom laboratory diagnosis of
    COVID-19 is inconclusive

Close Contacts

  • Household members, and anyone with close contact (>15 minutes, <2 metres apart), while they
    (a probable or confirmed case) had symptoms and 48 hours prior to