Isolation Policy Procedure (Appendix B)


Isolation Set Up

The childcare centre must have a designated room or area to isolate a child who begins to show consistent or worsening of symptoms of COVID-19 away from other children in care. The poster “Putting on PPE” must be posted in the room (see supporting documents). Our isolation room is located at the front of the building (the first door on the right – Senior Preschool program).


The room or area must be free of communal soft surfaces. And have:
  • individual cot, blanket for the child
  • limited hard surfaced toys
  • hand sanitizer
  • ear thermometer with disposable shields or infra-red thermometer
  • tissues
  • waste dispenser lined with a plastic bag


Personal Protective Equipment must be readily available and immediately put on by the person supervising the child.
This includes:
  • face mask
  • goggles or face shield
  • gown
  • disposable gloves if needed



The person supervising the child must remain in the room for the duration of the isolation period while the Supervisor or designate completes all required notifications.

The child should be closely monitored and comforted as needed while trying to maintain as much social distancing as possible.

Any food that must be served in the isolation area should be served using disposable items if possible and disposed of in the waste dispenser in the room.

Once the child is picked up, the supervising person thoroughly cleans and disinfected entire room including floors, door handles and any other items or surfaces and items used by the sick child.

Cleaning should also take place in the program where the child spent his/her time at the centre.

Once cleaning is completed, the supervising staff member safely removes and disposes PPE, ties up and disposes garbage and washes hands immediately before returning to normal duties

Children with symptoms should be tested.

Other children and staff in the centre who were present while a child or staff member became ill should be identified as a close contact and cohorted (i.e. grouped together). WDGPH will provide any further direction on testing and isolation of these close contacts.