Outdoor play

Consider staggering outdoor play times for different groups of children to meet the physical distancing requirements.

During playtime, staff must remain vigilant in reminding children to not touch their face. After outdoor playtime, ensure children thoroughly wash their hands.

Use of water tables, sensory bins and sandboxes continues to be prohibited.

Where possible, each cohort should have designated toys and equipment (e.g. balls, loose equipment) or clean and disinfect equipment between cohort uses. Outdoor bins should also be cleaned and disinfected.

Children should bring their own sunscreen where possible and it should not be shared.

  • Staff may provide assistance to apply sunscreen to any child requiring it and should exercise proper hand hygiene when doing so (for example washing hands before and after application).


Outdoor play structures

If the playground, or play structure, is enclosed on childcare property, its use is permitted if the specifications below are followed.

It is not practical to disinfect large playground structures. However, if operators decide to use such structures, cleaning and disinfecting efforts should focus on plastic or metal high touch surfaces where hands frequently make direct contact (e.g. grab-bars, hand railings). If play structures are to be used by more than one group, the structures can only be used by one cohort at a time and cleaning and disinfection should occur between cohorts.


Nature Based Play Structures

Nature based play structures that cannot be cleaned and disinfected are dedicated to a single cohort or used by one cohort at a time. Children and staff must wash hands before and after use.