Hand Hygiene

Conduct hand hygiene as per outbreak protocols by incorporating additional hand hygiene opportunities into the daily schedule. Hands should be washed for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Performing proper hand hygiene including, assisting children with hand hygiene.

All persons must wash their hands at the start of the day prior to engaging in the play with the group and before leaving at the end of the day.

Frequent hand washing must continue throughout the day especially from one activity to another and after going to the washroom, before and after eating, etc.

Gloves should be worn when it is anticipated the hands will come into contact with blood or body fluids and when providing care to a symptomatic child.

Ensure hands are cleaned before putting on gloves and after removing gloves and that gloves are removed immediately after completing a task and prior to touching clean items and surfaces.

70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer is recommended and should be available, especially in areas without immediate access to hand washing sinks. Do not use alcohol-free hand rub.

Ensure all hand washing sinks are unobstructed; possess hot and cold water, liquid soap, and disposable paper towel. Liquid soap containers cannot be “topped up” and reusable pumps must be cleaned and disinfected prior to refilling. Resource: Hand washing posters (child and adult)