Daily Health Screen Policy and Procedure (Appendix A)


Health Screen Area Set Up

The Daily Health Screening area must be set up at the identified entrance/exit of the site.
This area must:

  • Be visible to staff and families and block access to further entry to site if possible (preferably outside).
  • Ensure a minimum of 2 metres distance between the person conducting the screen and those participating in the screen
  • Ensure access to the following materials: COVID-19 ACTIVE SURVELLIENCE SCREEN for Children, Parents and Staff, hand sanitizer, ear thermometer with disposable covers or infra-red thermometer, personal protection equipment for the person taking the child’s temperature, as well as Public Health resources.
  • Provide visual guides to assist with physical distancing should a line-up form outside the site.
  • The screening area will have trained staff members present at all times (recorder and temperature taker)
  • Screener who is taking people’s temperature must be in full PPE, mask, goggles or face shield, gown and have access to sanitizer and disposable gloves.
  • Staff conducting the screen and taking temperatures must have received training on how to conduct and record information on the COVID-19 Active Surveillance Screen, how to take temperatures and how to put on and take off Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Once the screening is complete, if the individual answers YES to any of the screening questions, or refuses to answer, or has a fever, then they have not met the screening requirements and cannot enter the building (i.e. child will need to be taken home).
  • Please contact the Assessment Clinic to arrange for a COIVD-19 test and provide us with the result.
  • Ensure all completed COVID-19 ACTIVE SURVELLIENCE FORMS are submitted to the Executive Director / supervisor