Join the Campus Child Care Co-Operative of Guelph Family!Centre Summer

Complete the form below to have your application added to our waiting list.   If you'd like to see the Child Care's Annual licensing report as of June 17, 2016, please see the Ministry of Education link.


  • Your child must be born to apply for a spot at the Centre.
  • You will be required to renew your application every six months in order to remain on the waitlist. Applications that are not renewed, will be removed.
  • When enrolling a child in any of our programs we must ensure that the child is able to move to the next age grouping when they are eligible.  This means that a child at the top of the waitlist may still not be offered a position if their age does not allow them to move to the next age grouping when they are eligible.

  • Offers of a position at the centre will be done via email.  Please ensure you have included an email contact.
  • As positions can be offered with two weeks notice, centre tours can be booked in advance online.


Interested in a tour of our Centre?  If you are currently on our wait list, you can sign up for a tour online.


** Please note that we are currently not doing any tours of the centre at this time.